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Quality assurance

We consider quality assurance as the sum of all measures taken to ensure consistent product quality – without exceptions. Planning, control and checking are closely interlocked, as this is the only way we can refer to genuine quality. Measurable, and trackable in every way. We do not just subject machinery and equipment to permanent quality control, we also apply this to each inconspicuous, small component. To be sure, you must be sure…

Quality control

Trust is good – control is better. Professional services and products demand equally professional quality controls. If you commit to this, you create transparency and trust in your components and other technical products. We claim to deliver exclusive high quality work to you as our client. In this light, we ensure that we make no compromises when it comes to quality control. Our inspection areas and checking sites with the latest equipment give us, and thus our customers, every opportunity to live up to this claim.

We ensure the trust of your customers and your products

Quality control is a critical element in industrial quality assurance. So we regard this sub-area of our services as core business. This means that in Wacker Quality Assurance, our clients have an expert partner who meets deadlines by their side. Assign us a target/actual comparison for your products. Our quality control assesses your requirements by monitoring all relevant factors. The objective is to minimise rejections and reworking in your production, helping to assure your reputation, and ensuring the trust of your customers in the services of your company.

Where does quality control start?

Quality control can be used at various production stages in industrial production:

  • at the suppliers themselves
  • in incoming goods
  • at the end of various manufacturing processes or
  • classic quality control of finished goods at the end of the process

Alongside the classic visual checks, we also offer quality controls for measurements, functional tests and visual inspections. We define our other services as follows:

  • Firewall: By checking 100% of all parts produced we ensure that no faulty parts leave the factory. Evaluation of our documentation allows ongoing faults to be stopped in good time.
  • End of line check: At the end of a production line, sub-assemblies and system modules go through a final acceptance process with specially trained staff, which is then documented and minor faults resolved on-site.
  • Goods filter: Set up and implementation of a fixed system for quality control in a factory, with standardised processes and unified documentation or communication paths.

Rework service – “just in time”

If the quality control process finds actual components which require reworking, we can offer our support as a reliable partner for problem solving here too.

Every minor fault in a component can have far reaching consequences. That is why expert, fast fault resolution is critically important here – whether it is in the car industry or another sector. Reworking is generally done “just in time” – the production or sales of a customer should not get bogged down by a rework service. So at Wacker Quality Assurance, we only recognise one time frame: 24 hours, and if required, reworking on seven days a week. Whether our staff are sorting, checking, grinding or drilling: Anything that leaves our premises bears our seal of quality.

Reworking with a seal of quality

We do not just say that, we can also prove it to our customers with end-to-end, practically real time documentation of the whole process in our rework service. Our departments deliver daily checking reports and accompanying fault collection cards. Based on the data from the daily notes from the previous day, the checking reports in reworking are your guarantee of professional work and keep our customers up to date at all times with regard to the status quo and the progress of the project.

For you, the Wacker rework service means:

  • Reworking “just in time”
  • 24 hours, if required on 7 days a week
  • skilled fault resolution
  • continued production and sales
  • documentation of the rework service
  • check reports and ongoing status quo info

Take advantage of our over 20 years of experience as experts in quality assurance and thousands of contracts, including many from the automobile supply industry.

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