Investments of this company are co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the Free State of Bavaria. Single-enterprise investment support for SMEs in the ERDF priority area. We invest in the construction of a new warehouse with a production hall with office space, as well as in the acquisition of production facilities.
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Contract production

We are pleased to give you an overview of our range of services in the area of Contract production. In addition to classic CNC jobs, we also manufacture highly individual single components in our contract production system.

Flexible and quality oriented – Wacker CNC special and series production

As experts in special and series production, we are able to implement your requirements professionally and absolutely in line with your specifications. As part of special or series production, our company makes small, medium and large quantities of a wide range of parts. You give us precise specifications, and our highly qualified employees implement them exactly No matter how small the window is for production of your parts – you will always receive the highest possible quality from us. We are able to react flexibly to changes, and implement your requests down to the very last detail. The quality of the end product and timely, reliable processing of your order is at the heart of everything we do.

The very latest machinery and a well trained team

To meet the most demanding requirements, we always use machinery in line with the very latest standards. In addition, our employees benefit from comprehensive knowledge in special and series production, and can process a wide range of materials.

As part of contract production, our range of services comprises the following activities:


Manufacturing high quality milled parts involves cost effective production of the quantities you require. Thanks to the latest 3 and 5 axis CNC milling machines and up to date CAD software with an integrated CAM system, we are able to manufacture small, medium and large quantities of the required parts quickly and reliably. We use your model or drawings as the basis for this. Of course, we always keep a watchful eye on costs. Using our CNC machines, we can process workpieces with maximum dimensions of 1020 x 600 x 600 mm.


Using the very latest turning machines, we manufacture precision turned parts from a variety of materials in both large and small runs.


Whether flat grinding or circular grinding - using these processes we can offer fine processing and finishing of workpieces. High surface quality and size accuracy are a matter of course.

Wire, sink & start hole erosion

In cooperation with our partner and their high precision machines, we guarantee high, consistent quality for every application in wire and sinkhole erosion. Using these processes, we can process components with the following maximum sizes.

Wire erosion                 X 350, Y 250, Z 256 mm
Sink hole erosion         X 450, Y 300, Z 300 mm
Start hole erosion          X 300, Y 200, Z 300 mm


In a sand blasting cabin we use a jet of compressed air, combined with solid blasting agents to remove contamination such as rust, paint, scale and other dirt from surfaces. We can also apply a matt effect to surfaces using sandblasting. Using these processes, we can process components with maximum size 500 x 400 x 300 mm.


We can use our hydraulic presses to implement manufacturing processes such as joining, pressing and extrusion, or straightening, simply and reliably. The corresponding quality assurance using measurement and documentation is a matter of course for us.

Radial riveting

Radial riveting is a development of orbital riveting, and today is generally regarded as one of the most careful, efficient bonding techniques. This process facilitates a high degree of flexibility in design, in particular with regard to the selection of materials and rivet joints. The joining process in radial riveting leads to a comprehensive grain structure and only places a very low level of stress on the component. The biggest and most important advantage: In radial riveting, workpieces and materials are subjected to considerably less pressure due to the lower level of stress than conventional cold forming processes. Despite this careful process, the joint which is made during radial riveting is extremely robust. Unlike other riveting processes, the strength properties do not suffer as a result of the shaping process. The result is a consistent, fixed grain structure.

Laser processing and water jet cutting

Laser cutting, as an innovative separation process is now well established in materials processing. We offer precise laser cutting using modern laser cutting techniques for materials with maximum dimensions of 3,000 mm x 1,500 mm. Water jet cutting is another very special, environmentally friendly process to cut a very wide range of materials, free of dust and gas, up to a size of 3,000 mm x 2,000 mm.

Break forming presses

A CNC controlled break forming press guarantees processing of series and individual parts which is careful with the materials. This means sheets up to 3,000 mm long and 6 mm thick can be folded reliably.


Practically all materials can be marked permanently with our needle embosser - from plastic, aluminium and stainless steel all the way to hardened steel. Depending on the material and customer requirement, the material thickness can be set individually. Subsequent processing, such as sandblasting, coating etc. is generally not a problem. As well as lettering and numbers, we can also apply individual company logos, test marks or data matrix codes.

Additional services

We also provide the following additional services:

  • Hardening
  • Surface refinement
  • Powder coating
  • Measurement


High quality results thanks to professional quality management

Comprehensive, final quality control is a fixed part of production in our company. We check that series production meets the specifications of our customers 100%. In addition, the end product is then fully tested once more. This is how we can successfully deliver high quality production results to you.

Allow us to give you our expert advice regarding your task! Together we can develop the perfect concept for production of your parts.

Your project is our challenge. And every challenge is there to be managed professionally. Find out about our company’s services for yourself and take long term advantage of our attractive value for money!

Of course, you can get everything from a single source here too: From design in CAD to CNC 5-axis processing, all the way to delivery with our in-house logistics fleet.

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